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Ya gotta eat

The slogan for Rally's burger stand, "Ya gotta eat," is probably soothing to American farmers. As Associated Press writer James Prichard wrote in an article about agriculture in the ailing economy, "While people will put off buying houses and cars in a bad economy, they still need food."

The story said the economic downturn could even boost income for food producers who know how to take advantage of the situation.

For the article, Prichard spoke to the director of the UC Agricultural Issues Center, Dan Sumner, who pointed out that the agricultural sector isn't immune to the economic recession.

He said consumers are likely to cut back on goods they perceive as more dispensable (wine? asparagus? organic Saturn peaches?) while continuing to purchase basic agricultural products containing corn, soybeans, wheat, butter or milk. Also, because of the recession, credit is harder to come by. Many growers and producers borrow money to pay for seeds or equipment, or to operate or grow their businesses.

The article included a link to the UC Ag Issues Center Web site.


Saturn peaches are more expensive than traditional varieties.
Saturn peaches are more expensive than traditional varieties.

Posted on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at 10:32 AM
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Innovative UCCE program to feed the poor

UC Cooperative Extension in Calaveras County has been instumental in initiating a program aimed at providing fresh, healthful food to local residents in need. Farm to Family is actively encouraging gardeners to help supply the local food bank by planting extra vegetables in the coming months, according to a story in today's Stockton Record.

A food shortfall last Thanksgiving and Christmas prompted local decisionmakers to collaborate with UCCE and farmers to find a way to feed hungry families at a time when the economy is putting the squeeze on funding options.

The group identified its chief assets:

"We are land rich, and we have a lot of people who care about each other," the story quoted Calaveras County supervisor Steve Wilensky.

According to the Record article, written by Dana Nichols, UCCE found money to hire Paloma-based organic farmer Sean Kriletich to coordinate Farm to Family. Kriletich is working on a system for picking up donated zucchini and tomatoes from home summer gardens and coordinating volunteers who want to help in community gardens. For now, Kriletich's efforts are focused on people who already know how to garden, but in the future the program may include gardening classes for novices interested in getting involved.

More information about Farm to Family is on the UCCE Web site.

Farm to Family
Farm to Family

Posted on Monday, February 9, 2009 at 10:50 AM
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