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A Bright Spring

I have noticed over the past few weeks, the leaves of daffodils (Narcissus spp.) poking up through the soil. A sure sign that spring is upon us. Just this morning, the flowers of a few daffodils are peeking out their yellow brilliance, but not fully blooming quite yet. I love daffodils and other flowers in the Amaryllis family. They are always cheerful, and bright.

photos by Jennifer Baumbach

Recently, I had the good luck of joining the American Daffodil Society. I received a special invitation from The American Horticulture Society since I am currently a member of the latter. Several enticements encouraged me to join: a daffodil bulb starter kit, a year subscription to The Daffodil JournalA Pocket Guide to Daffodils and The Daffodil Primer, and finally, the ability to network with other daffodil lovers.

Two weeks after I joined, I received a package from my new daffodil friend back east, SaraKinne. She had enclosed a sweet, hand-drawn daffodil card and the three publications listed above, and four handouts. Inside the package were the daffodils as well. 

The varieties were ‘Sweet Orange,' ‘Trevithian', Barrett Browning', ‘Ice Follies', and ‘Thalia'. Go here to look up the varieties at DaffSeek and see for yourself how gorgeous they all are. I cannot wait to see them blooming.

I do have a favorite daffodil. It is a miniature narcissus called ‘Jetfire'. Theperianth* is stronglyreflexed, which means the petals are blowing backward. The corona is bright orange and points in the other direction. It is just a fabulous little flower. I highly recommend it!

So do not just settle for the boring varieties of daffodils you see in the big box stores, have a look out there and find something that excites the daffodil-lover in you.



*a fancy way of saying the outer parts of the flower, which are the sepals and petals.


Posted on Monday, February 6, 2023 at 2:06 PM

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