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And Breathe-Seasonal Changes in the Garden

Group of plants. photos by Nanelle Jones-Sullivan
June 21st is considered the longest day of the year, or the “summer solstice.” On this day, I rage against the dying of the light, then accept that my onions and garlic will not get bigger, shift my focus to my summer fruiting plants, and breathe.

I grow “Dwarf Tomato Project” plants from seed each year because while they aren't widely available at stores, I can grow many plants with different fruit colors, shapes, sizes, and foliage in “self-watering” or sub-irrigation planters.

The plants have a thick central stem, compact growth, and dark green, crinkly, or “rugose” foliage. Even in June, before the fruit ripens, the foliage is attractive.

Regular leaf.
Potato leaf.

They may be regular or “potato leaf” plants. Regular leaves are multi-lobed, with serrated or tooth-like edges. Potato leaf plant leaves are not divided and have smooth edges.




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