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How to Garden When You Rent

The book How to Garden When You Rent, by Matthew Pottage (Dorling Kindersely, 2022 – available for loan from the Solano County Library) is a good reminder that anyone can garden, regardless of whether you own a home, or rent a home, apartment or room.  The author is curator of the Royal Horticultural Society Garden Wisely in the United Kingdom. He is also a renter.

The book is divided into six sections.  The author discusses gardening for renters bearing in the context of the length of your lease, i.e. what can be accomplished in your time frame, what should and should not be planted during your lease, such as annuals versus perennials, etc.  He also discusses where to plant your garden, for example if you want to take your plants with you when your lease is up then you should consider gardening in containers. 

The book is divided into six sections.  The first is “The Realities of Renting” which focuses on working with your landlord and keeping them informed and happy about your gardening, and working with your neighbors if you are planning to garden in a shared outdoor area.  The second section, “Making a plan,” focuses on planning your garden, including the costs involved. Section three, “Quick fixes” looks at instant planting, container planting, and growing plants from seed.  Section four, “Settling in”, addresses window boxes, raised garden beds, planting in odd places such as cracks and crevices, and bulbs.  Section five, “Making it your own,” covers perennials, trees, water plants (for ponds) and lawn.  And last but not least, the final section “Looking after your space” focuses on garden maintenance.             

The book provides basic gardening information, which is good for anyone who is just starting to garden.  If you are currently renting and want to start gardening, be sure to check out this book available for loan from the Solano County Library.

photo by Kathy Low
photo by Kathy Low

Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 12:00 AM

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