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Getting Ready for Winter-December Garden Guides

How fortunate we are here in Solano County, that our gardens provide such beauty all year through.

But, still—we must think ahead to make that beauty a reality.

Here are some important tasks to do that not only make our gardens look lively and tidy during the winter months, but ensure that they thrive come spring and summer.

  • Make a change!  This is a great time to experiment with something new for you and your garden.  So, go to your local nursery and check out all the bare root plants on display through January.  Think roses, fruit trees, grapevines, cane berries, strawberries, artichokes, and asparagus.  They're all there to brighten up your summer garden and add some “delicious” to your dinner table! 
  • Plant spectacular bulbs.  They are some of the most popular and reliable bloomers in the plant world.  Being so self-sufficient and low maintenance, they'll surprise you every spring as they multiply and peep their lovely heads up above the soil when you least expect it.
  • Winter pruning is essential.  December is a perfect time to view your trees and shrub's basic structure.  Look for over-crowded, crossing or dead branches and prune away.  With an eye toward the near future, winter pruning stimulates spring growth.
  • If you have space for new hardy trees, shrubs or perennials, this is the time to plant them.  They may be dormant now, but they'll get a good root system boost before the first robins sing.
  • Late in December, begin pruning roses.
  • Plant winter color to invite you outdoors even on the most cloudy day.  Foxgloves, columbine, blanket flower, and pansies are wonderful choices.
  • Remember your container plants under eaves and patio covers.  Even in a good down-pour, they'll miss all that natural nurturing water…so help them out.
  • Drain water from garden hoses in case of frost.  And, while we're talking irrigation, shut off and drain irrigation lines and protect exposed faucets, valves, and risers from frost, as well.
  • Don't forget all your favorite garden tools: gather them up from around the yard, then, clean them with steel wool.  Sharpen your hand loppers and hand pruners.  Store these essentials in a dry place in readiness for spring.
  • Bring some outside color indoors for those darker winter months.  Amaryllis is a beautiful choice for your home or as a gift for friends and family.

With these tasks complete, your garden is sure to have a wonderful winter as you prepare for your

Happy Holiday Season!

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Posted on Monday, December 2, 2019 at 9:16 AM

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