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We've Got Termites!

When I think of gardening, I always enjoy the things that come to mind - beautiful flowers, green luscious foliage, the humming of bees, the sweet drone of hummingbirds. This week, however, I've been forced to find something positive in a very unlikeable creature. Yep, termites. So, you ask, what do termites have to do with gardening? Termites are kind of like the clean-up crews in our gardens. All of that dead, decaying wood and plant material is a feast for the termites. Our home is built on land that was once just orchards of fruit trees. When the trees were cut down and homes built, termites are what work hard underground to "clean up" what is left of the tree roots.

The thing to keep in mind with termites is that they are out there in our gardens and landscapes. We do need them to serve a very specific purpose, and it is best not to panic simply because you see one. Seeing them in your yard does not mean they are eating away at your homes.  In Solano County, many of our homes are built on old orchards and farmlands. You are going to have termites in your yard tending to the decaying matter. The problems come when they pass up on the wood around our homes and focus on the wood in our homes. Just be vigilant about checking in and around your home for anything unusual that might be termites. No idea what to look out for? Check out for some great information on termites. When was the last time your home was inspected for termites? Maybe now would be a good time to have that done!

Termites on wood. (photo by UC ANR)
Termites on wood. (photo by UC ANR)

Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 8:49 AM
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