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Master Gardener Project-Revisited

This was my Master Gardener student project one year ago. The goal was to populate a shady, sloped corner in our backyard where nothing survived for long.  Very close by, are 2 towering redwood trees belonging to our neighbors.  The structure is comprised of a wooden trellis (not shown), and 162 pounds of moss boulders filled in with various colorful rocks and pebbles including jasper, chert, serpentine, petrified wood, agate, quartz, and jade. 

I'm happy that the plants are still alive. Partly because they have been totally neglected!  Actually there is an inverse correlation between my giving succulents any attention, and their doing well. Surprisingly though despite all the rain, nothing has died yet, compared to several potted succulents which kicked the bucket a while ago. 

When the rains finally abate, I will clean up the dropped redwood fronds, add some cuttings or plants to bare areas, and cover the remaining spots with more collected beach pebbles.  Maybe replace the struggling Gasteria with something else.

What's the grade now, you say?  Maybe C for Cindy?  Haha!  Why, because they are alive, but definitely could be better…


Before. photos by Cindy Yee
Before. photos by Cindy Yee


Posted on Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at 12:00 AM

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