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UC Cooperative Extension in Sutter and Yuba counties celebrates 100 years

Sutter and Yuba counties' UC Cooperative Extension marked the centennial anniversary of the local offices this year, reported Chris Kaufman in the Appeal Democrat. Led by county director Janine Hasey, the now-merged UCCE office celebrated 100 years of continuous support to farmers, youth, families and communities in the area.

Sutter/Yuba UCCE's historical significance was amplified when Hasey discovered a cache of historical documents in the office. Jessica Hougen of the Sutter County Community Memorial Museum created a display highlighting the information, which debuted at the 100th anniversary event. The exhibit will be on display at the museum through mid-December.

With Hougen's assistance, the UCCE Sutter-Yuba staff wrote articles highlighting UCCE's contributions to the local agriculture industry for the counties' crop reports. 

The 2017 Yuba County Crop Report outlines the history of UCCE in the county, starting with the hiring of William Harrison as Yuba County's first UCCE farm advisor on July 1, 1918, then listing a timeline of contributions that resulted in economic benefit to farmers and reduced impacts on the environment.

The 2017 Sutter County Crop and Livestock Report lists major contributions of UCCE to the county over the past 100 years, with a sidebar focusing on rice.

“Our partnership goes back to our first farm advisors, who were housed in the same buildings with the ag commissioners in each county,” Hasey said.

In recognition of UCCE Sutter-Yuba's centennial, Janine Hasey, center, was presented a Senate/Assembly Resolution by Laura Nicholson, senior district representative for state Senator Jim Nielsen, and Joe Brennan, who represented Assemblymember James Gallagher.

The Appeal Democrat article included a sidebar focusing on the career of David Ramos, who in 1959 took his first job out of college as an extension assistant in the Sutter County UCCE office. 

“When I was there, our office was downstairs from the post office in Yuba City and it's incredible to see how it's changed,” said Ramos, 85, of Davis. “What's so incredible is the number one crop when I got there was cling peaches. It tickles me to see the transition because I've seen the prune and walnut industry develop since then and it gave me an incredible perspective on the dynamics of the change that's taken place.”

The reporter also highlighted the 4-H Youth Development program in his article with quotes from Nancy Perkins of Live Oaks, an active 4-H volunteer.

“My father and his siblings were in Franklin 4-H, and it was a way of life for them back in the 1930s,” she said. “My dad was part of 4-H, I was part of 4-H, my children were part of 4-H and my grandchildren are part of it.”

Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at 11:18 AM

4-H members create Sutter County flag

Sutter County now has an official flag because of two Sutter County 4-H members, according to a story on Fox 40 News in Sacramento.

4-H'ers Francisco Ruiz and Franklin Tarke, both high school sophomores, were asked to bring along their county's flag for a presentation at a 4-H conference. That's when they learned Sutter County has never had a flag.

"People that had gone in the past had to either make a flag out of paper or not participate in the flag ceremony and we didn't really want to do that," said Tarke.

The duo designed three flags and conducted an online poll to select the 161-year-old county’s first flag. On Wednesday, the Sutter County Board of Supervisors proclaimed the 4-H'ers creation the county's official flag.

4-H members create Sutter County's first official flag.
4-H members create Sutter County's first official flag.

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2011 at 9:54 AM
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